Our goal is to make people rethink their views on gender roles and stereotypes in that area. We want to achieve this by confronting our users with stereotypes they might still believe in a mildly provocative way. The users should feel personally addressed, which could make them feel a bit uncomfortable. We want to provoke and catch people’s attention with offensive drawings and gamification elements that are supposed to entertain a user. These are supplemented with storytelling and educational content to further provoke rethinking. Our greater vision is a world, where everyone can express themselves without having to worry about what is considered normal or right/wrong. Visit FE MALE

group project with:

  • Larissa Zingg (programming)
  • Svenja Tschannen (illustrations)
  • Nathalie Müller (sound)
  • Irina Mayer (project management)
  • Hannah Ambass (illustrations and text)